Company Values


We are committed to making a difference to the world through a genuine love and caring for all life. We use fairness and support with our people, to guide our decisions and processes. We encourage personal growth and we understand that together, we are better. Our values include a deep empathy for our planet and all the people on it, while leaving the world in a better shape than how we found it.


Questioning (with caring), always improves communication, interaction, efficiency and understanding. Are we doing the best we can do? Are we treating each other with kindness and respect? Are we innovating people’s lives with life-changing delicious foods? Are we leaving the world a better place? Are we needing help and support in our roles? We are always questioning if our products, company, culture, behaviours and people’s actions are achieving our values and goals.


We are passionate about plant-based wholefoods. Plants provide us with all the nutrition, energy and health we need while supporting and promoting a cleaner sustainable environment. Plant-based wholefoods include fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, wholegrains and legumes, such as soybeans! We believe a plant-based wholefood diet is the best thing we can do to create happier, healthier people, a cruelty-free environment for all creatures, and a planet our grandchildren can cherish and thrive on.

Our Culture

We are warm, fun, honest, supportive, people-focused innovators while taking a bold stand for a healthy humanity. We embrace our incredible vibrant differences and strengths as human beings. We treat each other and our customers with respect. We work alongside each other as a collective, to deliver wholefoods that are changing the world and saving lives. Together, we are stronger.