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Be Prepared and Control your Environment (GOLDEN Rule #1)

In order to succeed, you need to be prepared. If you have a cupboard and fridge full of sugar-rich processed and packaged foods then that is what you will grab to eat when you are hungry. We are living in the highest stress environment which means work long hours and we are always ‘on’, and […]

Embrace change, you cannot fight it

‘Change is not something many of us like. We like things to remain as they are, however, change is inevitable and, indeed, is the one constant and reliable thing we have in our lives. When you embrace it, miracles can happen …’ Jason Shon Bennett   Open your mind, study, learn, research; CHANGE One of […]

Change and the mental focus required

‘You can’t grow or change by doing what you’ve already done. Maintenance doesn’t occur when you do nothing, maintenance is working to fight entropy. Still, most people won’t leave their comfort zones. Why? The answer is simple… It hurts. By definition, what’s it like outside the comfort zone? It’s UN-COMFORTABLE, right? Change is uncomfortable. Sometimes […]

The Secret to Sustainable Health Changes

How do we change our bad habits? How do we eat less? How do we raise our children on better-quality food? How do we educate them on what modern junk food does to the human body? How do we lower the food-borne illness that is heart disease? How do we annihilate the global pandemic that […]

Change your diet first, then change your families diet

‘You can have every confidence that a feeding regime that results in a slimmer child who matures slowly will produce a healthier, longer-lived adult’ Prevention, October 1973, p. 31 “Eat Less To Live More”.   You control what your children eat What we as adults and parents serve, eat and enjoy, so this is what […]

How do I get my kids to eat more veggies?

The moment I knew I had made it as a parent was the day Joel burst into tears at dinner because Luke had taken more salad than he had on his plate. That was the heavenly moment every parent craves. My kids have been known to fight over who gets the last serving of vegetable […]

Raising healthy kids is easy!

With regards to kids’ food, it’s not too late to change your kids’ taste buds. It may take a bit of time but the trick is to make small changes so they don’t even notice. Try adding chunks of cucumber, some carrot sticks or slices of raw capsicum, cherry tomatoes, avocado slices or chunks, broccoli, […]

High consumption of meat and dairy is fueling climate change, UN report warns

We are passionate here at Zenzo about the world and our over-riding ‘social enterprise’ values are always a deep empathy for our planet and all the people on it while leaving the world in better shape than how we found it. Our values and culture are committed to making a difference to the world through […]

The Value of Plant-Based Foods: Claire Turnbull, TVNZ Breakfast Show 01/08/2019

Claire Turnbull is often featured on TVNZ Breakfast and today she is talking about the range of options available for vegetarians and vegans featuring our amazingly delicious Tonzu and Zenzo range! Check it out by clicking below! TVNZ Claire Turnbull on Breakfast

What about pesticides & herbicides?

‘As far back as 1990, in my book Conscious Eating, I cite research suggesting that animal flesh (being at the top of the food chain) contained approximately 15 times more toxins than vegetables. Root vegetables had four times more than leafy vegetables. Cow’s milk had about 5–6 times more toxins than leafy vegetables. Depleted uranium […]